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At the point when Olamide reported that the fourth version of his yearly show – Olamide Live in Concert – will hold at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, it was gotten with blended responses. It was an alternate scene from the earlier years, and it was not simply holding outside of the “Island,” but rather at a stadium where it could be an overwhelming errand to secure. Be that as it may, the last three versions had Eko Hotel and Suites completely filled, with individuals not having spots to sit.

With key organization and the help of the Lagos State Government, Olamide was certain he could pull this off – suit his consistently expanding fan base and music sweethearts, pull off an extraordinary show, and guarantee the security of those present.

Olamide’s dear companion and associate Phyno had topped off the 22,000-limit Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu, the third year consecutively, days before Olamide reported the scene for his show, and many hinted he was endeavoring to recreate Phyno’s exertion.

While that is something worth being thankful for to repeat, we can’t pardon the way that Olamide required a bigger scene during the current year’s show. The rapper, in a meeting with Vanguard, additionally reacted to the remarks, saying he’s not rivaling Phyno. “Everyone is qualified for their own particular conclusion, and I’m simply living my own particular dream. I’m 100% energized on the grounds that this is something I’ve been anticipating for more than three years now; it’s dependably been tied in with doing it enormous, something past the standard, offering back to the general population and spreading love,” he said.

One noteworthy concern was security, particularly as respects lewd behavior and strike against ladies. It’s such a tragic reality, to the point that individuals will most likely be unable to go to or appreciate a show/occasion without that dread. What’s more, I should state, as this can’t be overemphasized, that individuals ought to have the capacity to go to a show without this dread. It’s disastrous that this dread is caused by people, not wild creatures.

That being stated, we should acclaim the hermetically sealed security at the scene. At the point when my companions and I got to the stadium and saw the security circumstance at the setting, we felt safe. A companion even kidded that all the formally dressed staff in Lagos were at the setting. Be that as it may, possibly, quite possibly, the coordinators would have ‘sold’ this part the show (confirmation of tight security), as we were sure many individuals didn’t go to in view of the assumption that the show may be assumed control by punks.

The show was booked to begin at 12 PM on Sunday, December 17, 2017 and end at 7 PM, yet it didn’t begin until a few minutes previously 3’o clock with an execution by Small Doctor who has had an extraordinary year graciousness of his viral tune “Punishment.”

Before Small Doctor’s execution, it was declared that the security group ought to permit visitors leave their seats and stroll into the field for a more personal affair. Energized fans and music sweethearts trooped into the field and everybody was built up!

Observing Small Doctor, you could see that he has distraught love for both the art, and his fans. His vitality was crazy, and before he finished the show, he asked for his satchel so he could demonstrate love to his fans, otherwise known as settle the young men. He was limited, because of the dread of fight. He delayed, however in the long run figured out how to get it going – he wrapped each note (or more) into a ball and started tossing them at the fans.

After Small Doctor was a variety of exhibitions from up and coming acts – a standard element in each release of OLIC. Olamide giving youthful artistes the chance to sparkle is as certain as activity in Lagos on a Friday night.

This while we were enjoying ourselves, put something aside for the sound botching up sooner or later and a portion of the up and coming acts not utilizing the open door well. I, especially, was terrified the coordinators didn’t get enough amplifiers or sound motors to control a stadium. The sound was great, however to start with would go low every now and then. In some cases, the mouthpiece of the craftsman performing would go off amidst their effectively restricted time. The sound specialists settled this however, in the early hours of the show.

I checked online networking amidst the show and found that individuals were criticizing the “low turnout” of visitors. Topping off a (24,000) stadium is no simple assignment and I figure Olamide’s objective was to have the capacity to suit his fans and draw off a decent show – which he did. I didn’t hear him report or imply that he would top off the stadium. (I don’t think any individual who intends to top off a 24,000 limit stadium will declare it not as much as a month to the occasion). It’d have been extremely marvelous to top off the stadium yet that didn’t occur. I’m sure, as any individual who went to, that Eko Hotel would not have obliged the group yesterday. Thus, there was no “low turnout,” simply that the stadium was not topped off, and to me, that is okay.

One feature for me was the vintage exhibitions. We had an awesome time vibing to hit melodies from our adolescence (I’m not that old) and those of a few years back. I’m discussing exhibitions from Baba Fryo, Daddy Showkey, Sound Sultan, Marvelous Benjy, Olu Maintain, and “Lord of the Zanga” Durella.

Towards the end, we started feeling the “new school” vibe. Skales, Reminisce, Ycee, Tiwa Savage, Lil Kesh, YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa all excited the crowd in expectation of Baddo. The group likewise making the most of Teni’s interpretation of her viral melody “Fargin”.

The road was appropriately spoken to yesterday… there was frenzy all over the place. Shaku, Azonto, Galala, Alanta, One Corner, and all the insane move moves were shown on, off, and backstage. The werey was streaming unreservedly and practically every one of the visitors had a decent time, either as those making all the viral move moves, or as those watching with grins and chuckling everywhere on their appearances.

The night finished with Olamide’s set and at this point, the desire was at that point so high. We had figured he would climb the stage considerably prior, do a first set (and even a moment later on) lastly shut the show. Yet, we didn’t get that, tragically. It didn’t feel like an Olamide show. It felt like a show with Olamide as feature act. We didn’t see Olamide till it was the ideal opportunity for him to go ahead stage. We adore you Olamide, we need to see you (and your heart and vitality) in front of an audience, we need to watch you play out some of our main tunes under your name.

Amid his around 20-minute set, Olamide performed hits consecutive, expedited Phyno organize sooner or later, they performed “Increase” and “Fada” together, proceeded with his execution, and finished with a standout amongst the most popular melodies of 2017 in Nigeria – WO!

Security was still (sufficiently tight to get you to your auto or a transport stop) as at the time I was leaving – between 9 PM and 10 PM. I’ve not perused any report of robbery, inappropriate behavior or ambush and I trust it is on the grounds that nothing of such happened, not on account of it wasn’t accounted for.

Taking all things together, praise to the group that pulled this off. Individuals were produced to appear, and that is justifiable. Gratefully, those that made it bore witness to the way that the security setup was path superior to anything what they visualized.