FIFA reveals how much COVID-19 pandemic cost football this year
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FIFA has declared another change to their standards that will permit the Premier League, La Liga and other European leagues to open this present summer’s exchange window before the 2019/20 crusade closes.

The Premier League will return on June 17, with Tottenham Hotspur facilitating Manchester United and Manchester City confronting Arsenal, while the La Liga continued on June 11.

FIFA, in a statement via its official website on Thursday, said: “The new temporary regulatory amendments approved by the Bureau of the Council are as follows:

“To avoid any concerns regarding unemployed players, players are permitted to be registered with a maximum of three clubs and are eligible to play in official matches for three clubs during the same season.

“To give priority to clubs to complete their (2019/20) season with their original squad, provide flexibility, and allow MAs to plan their football calendar properly, those associations following a dual-year calendar are permitted to commence the “first registration period” for the 2020/21 season before the completion of the 2019/20 season, subject to certain conditions.”