Minister of Agriculture, Nanono – Federal govt will soon ban importation of fish, milk
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The Federal Government has revealed an option in contrast to utilizing chemical fertilizer to Nigerian ranchers.

Minister of Agriculture and rural development, Muhammad Sabo Nanono uncovered this in his keynote address at the official flag-off of planting fertilizer tree (Gawo) in Garki nearby Government territory of Jigawa state.

He said utilizing fertilizer trees in farms has been the customary strategy utilized by ranchers to build soil fertility and productivity.

The Minister, in any case, clarified that if a rancher has fifteen compost trees in his one hectare, it is adequate for him with no extra compound manure in his farmland.

“The introduction of “Faidherbia albida” fertilizer tree is a right step in improving the soil fertility without the use of chemical fertilizer ” he stated.

Nanono said the advancement is a piece of arrangement of government mediations the nation over under the current organization to address the issues of environmental change and debased farmlands to make them to turn out to be more profitable for improved food security and regeneration of the natural ecosystem.

The minister, in this manner, cautioned farmers against illicit chopping down of trees in the nation which he said brought about desertification and environmental change.

“In Niger Republic, no one is allowed to cut down a tree without permission, in Nigeria it is different, people cut down trees at any time they wish and this has a negative effect on our environment.” The Minister added.

He, in any case, asked the customary organization to help the administration’s endeavors in shortening the hazard of deforestation.

Governor Badaru Abubakar said his organization will give greater need to the creation of fertilizer tree seedlings.

He noticed that his organization will give a law that will disallow unlawful cutting trees in the state.