Health Minister, Ehanire – COVID-19 eroded gains made in Tuberculosis control
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The federal government has said health challenges like tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, HIV, kidney illness and disease are answerable for 70 percent of COVID-19 passings in Nigeria.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, expressed this during the day by day instructions of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 on Thursday.

Ehanire additionally noticed that 70 percent of passings were guys, while the staying 30% are females.

Larger part of positive cases recorded so far are somewhere in the range of 29 and 49.

He said: “The core morbidity of the fatalities we have had to COVID-19, 70% of them have hypertension, or diabetes, and the rest were kidney disease, HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and other sundry challenge.

“A finding from the analysis of the death patterns shows 70% to 30% for male and female around that ratio and about 70% fatalities were persons who are 60 years old while majority of positives were between the ages of 29 and 49; those are the most active ages in life.”

As at Thursday night, Nigeria had recorded 6,677 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

A total of 1,840 patients have been recorded, while 200 have died.