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Fake News War: China deletes 7 million pieces of online information. over 9,000 thousands mobile apps and 700 websites

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China’s digital guard dog says it has erased in excess of 7 million bits of online data just as 9,382 portable applications, and it reprimanded tech goliath Tencent’s (0700.HK) news application for spreading “disgusting data”.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said in an announcement on its site the activity was a piece of a tidy up of unsuitable and unsafe data that began for the current month, including that it had likewise closed down 733 sites.

The organization singled out Tencent’s Tiantian Kuaibao news application, saying the stage had been requested to make changes as it had been spreading “revolting and tasteless data that was destructive and harming to the web biological community”.

Tencent did not quickly react to demands for input. The controller likewise scrutinized Huaban, a photograph sharing informal organization, as having “genuine biological community issues”. Huaban said on its site its online administration had been incidentally brought down for updates.

Control of the web has fixed under President Xi Jinping – an exertion that has quickened since 2016, as the decision Communist Party tries to take action against contradiction in the blasting internet based life scene. In November, the CAC scoured 9,800 online networking records of free news suppliers for infringement that included spreading politically hurtful data and distorting the historical backdrop of the Communist Party.