Entertainment journalist, Abdulhamied says – ‘No reasonable man will marry a lady with more than one ear piercing’
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A Twitter client with the handle @Abdulhamied_AA has started a shock on the stage after he said that ladies with different ear piercings are probably not going to get sensible spouses.

The youngster imparted a photograph of a lady to various ear piercings and composed:

“No reasonable man will marry a lady that has more than one ear piercing. Yes i said it.”

A Twitter user with the handle @emihlegqola took to the comment section of his post to reveal that most women don’t do things to please or to find a husband.

“What is it about an ear piercing that makes her not good enough for marriage? Also, most women don’t do things to please or to find a husband so I’m pretty sure that all the women who came across your post won’t change their minds because of what you think.”, she wrote.

Here are some reactions to the post below:

My girlfriend has over 10.. bruh, I’ll marry her!!!! Kill yourself. I’m very reasonable 👌. For a fact, why should you look at her flaws when you can marry more that just piercings. Grow up bruh, no be you holy pass.

— Castles (@frekecastles) July 4, 2020