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Multiple award winning singer and actor, Folarin Falana popularly called Falz, yesterday shared his bitter experience with SARS officials following the #EndSARS movement launched by private Nigerian citizens.

Falz, who portrayed the experience amid a meeting with excitement journalists in readiness for his initially show labeled ‘The Falz Experience’, said; “On this specific day, they seen us some place in Lagos and betrayed us, they at that point requesting that we descend from our auto.

“My chief endeavored to have a discussion with them however before he knew it, they gave him a grimy slap, he was near tears. They said they would capture us and take us to their station.

“I needed to sue them, not as an attorney, but rather exclusively in light of the fact that they abused my human rights, however at that point, it is extremely miserable that they think since they have firearms, they think they are in a place of energy and they utilize these to mistreat poor Nigerians.”

In transit forward, “the karashika” crooner stated: “the whole police compel needs a redo. The issue is that such a large number of them are not as instructed as they ought to be, so they treat individuals surely.

“Individuals are talking up on the grounds that things have left hand. These are the men who should ensure us, however they are opening flame on us. They have come about to focusing on youthful folks. Nowadays, once they see a young fellow looking gaudy, they naturally think you are a yahoo kid”, he closed.