End SARS: Amaechi – Nigerians who caused damage to public property must be punished
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Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has denounced the pulverizations that followed the tranquil End SARS fight in October.

The authority said the culprits must face the law.

“If we don’t punish those who caused these damages, others may do it again,” he said on Sunday.

Amaechi talked during an appraisal of the harms at the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) base camp in Lagos, NAN reports.

The previous Rivers State Governor said it was real to dissent however unlawful to obliterate private and government properties.

“This is completely disastrous. It is not enough to vent your anger about police brutality in this manner. How does damaging government property concern the police? Whether you like it or not, this will be refurbished or rebuilt with government funds.

”That means the funds also belong to those who have set this place ablaze. Those who commit crime should be held liable and appropriate punishment meted out on them. I was a student from 1983 to 1987, which was a period when the Nigerian students were always out on the streets, we never burnt down anything.

“The rights to protest are defined in the laws of Nigeria, it doesn’t include burning people’s houses or places, and it doesn’t include blocking major highways or minor roads. The law said you should protest by the side of the road, it didn’t say you should protest and block the roads because there are other road users.

“I may not like police brutality and I didn’t protest. It is legitimate to protest but it is illegitimate to take other people’s rights. The rights to protest is defined in the constitution but it does not include burning people’s houses and government properties”, Amaechi stressed.