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Hip Pop Icon, Eminem, 45, who is gearing up to release his ninth studio album’ Revival,’ is the lastest rapper to land on the cover of ‘Interview’ Magazine.

In the interview, which was conducted by his longtime friend and outspoken supporter Elton John via telephone, the American rapper spoke about his upcoming album, which is set to be released on the 15th of December.

‘I’ve been working on it for over a year. You know how it is—you make songs, and as you make the new ones, the old ones get old and you throw them out. The album is called Revival. It’s a reflection of where I’m at right now, but also I feel like what I tried to do was diversify. I’ve tried to make a little something for everyone.’

The rapper also disclosed that his The Slim Shady LP was influenced by Dre.

‘It had to be Dre. I remember one of the first times I went out to L.A. I met Dre and Jimmy [Iovine] at Interscope, and it felt so ridiculous and so far-fetched that this was happening. When Dre walked in, it was like an out-of-body experience. Nothing in my life had been going right for me, but he put me up in the Oakwood apartments and paid my rent so I could record with him. There was a period when I stayed up writing for 48 hours straight and ended up crashing at, like, six in the morning. I wanted to be prepared for Dre because I thought, “If I’m not ready for every aspect of this, this could be it for me.”

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