Don’t relent in prayers until COVID-19 is defeated, cleric urges worshippers
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As public worship continued in places of worship in Ekiti State, Christians have been called upon to place their trust in God and never yield in petitions until COVID-19 turns into a relic of past times.

The District Pastor of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT), Ikere District, Pastor Olumide Fred Akinrotohun, gave the charge on Sunday in his lesson at the service held after the Ekiti State government permitted managed love without precedent for about five months.

Delivering a sermon titled “The Lord Is Our Refuge,” at the service held at GOFAMINT Hephzibah Cathedral, Kajola, Ikere on Sunday, Pastor Akinrotohun assured that God will give Ekiti State and Nigeria victory over COVID-19 and the pandemic will be banished from the land.

The service which additionally included supplications for God’s intercession on the general wellbeing circumstance in Nigeria and recognition love, saw the assemblage feeling eager to love in the congregation without precedent for five months.

Minister Akinrotohun asked the assembly to submit to COVID-19 conventions encouraging them not to consider the to be as mischievous with the guidelines yet should consider the to be as a way to spare lives.

He said: “Government is not wicked with the regulations put in place to prevent the spread of the pandemic; they are doing it out of love for us because they don’t want lives to be lost.

“The intentions are good; some nations in the world were able to keep their people at home for a very long time. Our government in Nigeria would have done so if they have the means so that people will not be infected with COVID-19.

“Let us continue to pray and we should not relent in our prayers until COVID-19 is banished from our state and from our country but we must make God our refuge.

“When God is your refuge, you have nothing to fear. God will grant us victory over the pandemic. Let’s continue to pray and put our trust in God.

“When certain things happen in a nation like ours, it will affect everybody whether Christian or no Christian, everybody inclusive.

“But those who trust their God, they can be sure of protection. I want this congregation to rest their mind on God, no need to fear or run around.

God is our refuge, he has promised to protect us and he will continue to do that. I trust him because he will do it.”

The admirers watched COVID-19 conventions by wearing their face veils and kept up the obligatory six-feet physical removing.

Health authorities in the church estimated internal heat level of admirers with the utilization of infrared thermometers before they were permitted in while they likewise washed their hands and utilized sanitisers as gave.

The church leaders prohibited individuals from embracing themselves while matured people over 65 years and youngsters under 12 years were absent at the service.