Don Adinuba - Anambra resorts to immune boosters in fight against COVID-19
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The Anambra State Government has gone to invulnerable promoters in the battle against COVID-19, saying that it would assist individuals with warding off the infection whenever contracted.

The state Commissioner for Information and open illumination, Mr C. Don Adinuba in a press articulation encouraged the individuals of the state to eat bunches of vegetables and natural product to support their insusceptible framework.

Anambra is right now one of the states in the nation with the least number of COVID-19 patients, with an aggregate of 70 cases, out of which, nine have passed on, while 57 have been dealt with and released, leaving the state with only four dynamic cases.

Adinuba, while advising Anambra people said, “We can boost our immunity by eating a lot of common vegetables like bitter leaf (onugbu) and ugu (pumpkin) as well as cucumber which grow well during the rainy season and are now quite affordable.

“We can also boost our immune system by eating a lot of fruits like lemons, oranges, pawpaws, pineapples, avocados and soursops, which are plentiful in our communities and are selling at affordable prices right now.

“Our people are encouraged to take supplements like vitamin C and vitamin D as well as pharmaceutical products which contain Zinc. They help our immune system very well.”

He likewise included that eating natural nourishments like customary nourishments, rather than lousy nourishments can help support their resistance against the illness, while additionally promising all to grasp work out.

He said, “Our dear state has done very well in the fight against COVID-19. All our people are advised to continue to work hard to make Anambra State to remain the safest state in Nigeria.

“Let us fight the coronavirus pandemic with the same zeal with which we have successfully fought violent criminals like armed robbers, kidnappers and contract murderers and consequently made our state the most peaceful in the country.”