Buhari under fire for allowing Aisha, others embark on medical trip abroad
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President Muhammadu Buhari has asked the global network to help coordinated efforts and activities planned for sharing information from examination and science to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

He talked on Wednesday at a virtual Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity Against the COVID-19 co-facilitated by the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Details of Buhari’s meeting with Chinese President Xi, others revealed

The Nigerian head told the highest point, co-facilitated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, South African President and AU Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa, and Senegal President and co-seat of FOCAC Macky Sall, that Nigeria would support and join any joint and aggregate activity plan.

Buhari said as the world faces a typical inescapable and imperceptible adversary, it is significant that nations stay joined to spare our common mankind.

He said the battle requires upgraded participation and overall solidarity.

“We must learn lessons and share knowledge from research, as we develop more creative, responsive and humane health systems, improve crisis management protocols and support each other in the battle against COVID-19,’’ he said.

He recognized the Chinese government, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and the World Health Organization for the particular activities and measures to help creating and center salary nations in Africa to handle the pandemic.

The president applauded the Secretary-General, for propelling the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund for low and center pay nations to handle the wellbeing crisis, address social and monetary outcomes of the emergency and, fortify the recuperation endeavors of most powerless nations.

Buhari hailed the WHO for its recommendation that empowered Nigeria take quantifies and edify its kin on steps to abstain from contracting and spreading the infection.

He additionally gave a report on what his organization has done since the deplorability of the worldwide pandemic hit the nation.

Buhari said from the start of the pandemic, Nigeria initiated solid observation and contamination anticipation just as control gauges and made arrangements to reinforce its testing limits.

He expressed that few well-prepared treatment and disconnection focuses were set up the nation over to expand bed limit.

”In the spirit of international collaboration, medical experts in Nigeria participated by video link in learning and experience-sharing exercises organized by experts from various countries, including China”.

The President said the Nigerian Government had prepared a few thousand medicinal services laborers, gave Personal Protective Equipment to guarantee the security of forefront laborers, and offered motivators for their inspiration.

He included that the Federal Government made the empowering condition for ranchers to securely plant and reap during this stormy season so as to guarantee that food security was not bargained.

“We took steps for prompt transportation of agricultural products and food items from rural production areas to the consumers and to industrial processing zones. We have also developed practical policies to protect lives and livelihoods”, Buhari noted

Speaking, President Xi said the culmination was met to talk about a joint reaction to COVID-19 and restore society with Africa.

He said the world must activate assets and take the necessary steps to secure lives, including that China will do whatever it can to help acquirement of provisions, sending clinical specialists, and in other various ways.

Taking note of that China and Africa represent about 33% of the worldwide populace, President Xi promised to step up help for Africa.

Xi unveiled that China will give 2billion USD more than two years to help crafted by WHO in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.