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Dear I Go Dye,

I read your post on Instagram. It was difficult to miss it since it was on each significant news site. I might want to state that you were for the most part right. The inquiries you brought up in your post are like the ones I have been asked by other youngsters via web-based networking media, so I am answering this not simply to you as a man, but rather to every single youthful Nigerian who have made comparative inquiries.

Initially, you are correct. The Nigerian youth have regularly been underestimated, and practically every pioneer in our history has underestimated youngsters. Yet, it’s vital to point how this started — for individuals like me who saw Independence; our authority was for the most part determined by youngsters. At that point came the overthrows, and the common war, and afterward more upsets. Nigeria wound up with a long stretch of military autocracy for a long time, in which time; those youthful pioneers matured, yet remained pioneers. Fela, Gani, Enahoro, and Beko were youthful pioneers, yet remained pioneers until their downfall. That was a direct result of the stagnation expedited by many years of political flimsiness.

When we got to 1999, the youngsters of the day had not been set up for authority, in light of the fact that there was no administration or apprenticeship process under tyrannies. This is one reason the time of pioneers has kept on rising. That was a direct result of the initiative stagnation expedited by many years of political unsteadiness. Envision a school that did not graduate any understudies for a long time, when the best class at last graduates, you will have an overabundance of students.

Our youngsters are not to fault; we have to cure this national disappointment. A week ago, there were neighborhood government decisions in Akwa Ibom State, with more than 60% of the seats won by youngsters, under 35 years of age. That is the means by which advance can be made. Youngsters need to take part from the grassroots, the distance crosswise over board. Arrangements are great, however showing signs of improvement. I likewise comprehend the issues around subsidizing races which keep ladies and youngsters out, and I will address this in an article I am distributing soon.

I do comprehend your disappointment on the issue, be that as it may. I advise individuals my age that to comprehend youthful Nigerians, we have to comprehend the contrast amongst Nigeria and Naija. Naija exemplifies the deepest desires of youthful Nigerians, the nation they adore and long to go home to when they are abroad. Naija is the nation that brings them pride in music, film, comic drama, mold, and innovation. It is the nation of WizKid, Asa, Davido, Tuface, the Olympic toboggan group, Alex Iwobi and Don Jazzy Again.

Nigeria then again, is the nation of their folks, the nation where pioneers are continually falling flat them, of Boko Haram, of herders savagery, of subsidences and joblessness. Our youngsters require us to influence our nation to satisfy the goals of Naija by settling the issues related with Nigeria.

I believe it’s imperative to address the allegation about my residency as Vice President, that I did nothing for youngsters. Initially, as VP, I must be judged on the duties I was given. A VP clearly isn’t the driver of government. For instance, you can’t point the finger at Prof Osinbajo for all that is going ahead with the present government. He can just do what he’s permitted to do.

Be that as it may, let me talk about what you can judge me by, my allocated obligations. As VP, I amassed what is seemingly the best Economic Team ever in Nigeria. It was comprised of youthful, world class experts, who returned home to work. Some of those experts are presently political pioneers, governors and world pioneers in their own right.

On the off chance that you ask what our first errand was, coming into government in 1999, it was to convey dependability to the economy following quite a while of military run the show. For instance, in the vicinity of 1999 and 2003, oil costs at that point were drifting amongst $16 and $28 yet we figured out how to pay up compensation unfulfilled obligations from decades back, clear up our national obligations and developed remote stores. Our GDP developed at the quickest rate we’ve seen since the arrival to majority rule government.

You specified that I never brought youngsters into authority, yet my record talks in an unexpected way. I have a demonstrated record of bringing youthful, obscure experts into benefit. A significant number of the experts and clergymen I acquired were in their 30s and mid 40s. Some of those youthful pioneers have moved toward becoming governors in their states. I went to the World Bank and met a splendid woman, persuaded her to return home, and she turned into a star in our legislature. To indicate you we had powerful initiative, a similar woman couldn’t reproduce her endeavors under an alternate government.

I was likewise accountable for privatization and I have witnesses that I never meddled with the procedure. I never purchased anything having a place with the legislature. I was very rich before coming into government, with pronounced resources worth a huge number of dollars in 1999 (which was placed in a trust when I progressed toward becoming VP); so it was reasonable that a considerable lot of the well off Nigerian agents who took an interest in the privatization program were my companions. Did I utilize my impact to show signs of improvement bargains? No. As the then DG of BPE affirmed under vow, I never utilized my position to meddle with his work.

My heritage as Vice President, I would state is the managing an account combination process, for which I gave political sponsorship for. Numerous enormous individuals were putting a ton of political strain to not change the norm, but rather we realized that if that union was not done, Nigeria couldn’t develop. On account of that saving money solidification, Nigerian banks don’t flop any longer the way they used to.

I directed the telecoms insurgency, which is the reason youngsters like you, I Go Dye, now have a prospering vocation. Under our residency, we saw a huge repatriation of Nigerians back to Nigeria, driven by the expectation of the recuperating economy. It is tragic that a large number of those youngsters are heading back abroad now — this is to demonstrate to you that initiative issues.

I know huge numbers of these have been overlooked in light of the fact that it was quite a while prior, and progressive organizations did not catch up on the advance we made. In any case, that is additionally not to state we were chaste. I was to a great extent solidified out in the second term of our residency, and I lament that we had that conflict with my supervisor. Some say I was unfaithful, yet I took a gander at the occasions in Zimbabwe as of late, and it gives me certainty that I made the best decision battling the endeavors to prolong the presidential residency past eight years. In the event that I didn’t win that battle, do you figure we would have a dialog on youngsters getting into authority today?

Intels. I need to address this since you said it. It was the Shagari government that began the Onne Port and later deserted it. In outline, my business accomplice and I saw a chance to construct Nigeria’s oil industry utilizing world class framework, however determined by Nigerians. We went out and took advances to construct the offices, however as we went on, more open doors opened up, which permitted us access to significantly more capital. We wound up getting a huge number of dollars, for the most part from Europe, to assemble the port, without any assistance outlining the course of Nigeria’s oil industry.

Truly, I didn’t ever figure we would be that effective, which was the reason I kept my normal everyday employment, when we began it. It was exactly what you would call a side hustle, however it developed so huge, and I needed to stop my administration employment to concentrate on it. Today, every oil real uses the offices we manufactured. The administration just progressed toward becoming customers after the oil organizations. Our organization has extended to a few nations in Africa. Indeed, even the FG has seen that that organization is the most able coordinations organization in Africa, which is the reason it gives Intels the most complex operations to oversee.

In any case, Intels as a corporate resident is adored in the areas it works. That is on the grounds that we put resources into grants, enlist youngsters from the group and prepare them to wind up noticeably world class professionals. As CSR, we have gone into organization with the NFF to prepare youthful Nigerian footballers, and offer help for the nearby class. We are cherished by the young in our neighborhood groups.

In my home province of Adamawa for instance, I’ve made more than 50,000 direct employments and 250,000 backhanded ones. We are the biggest private bosses of work in the state just second to the state government. It’s not a considerable measure, but rather it helps decrease joblessness. Who do you believe are holding those employments? Indeed, youngsters.

I Go Dye, I’m not a savior. I don’t guarantee Eldorado or $1 = N1. Be that as it may, I generally make a request to take a gander at the financial advance we made under my initiative and what I am doing in private business and judge me by those. Individuals say I ended up plainly rich in government. It’s a lie. I had countless dollars in resources proclaimed in 1999. My organizations (my offers of which were held in a Blind Trust while I was in government) kept on developing from that point forward. I could by and by bankroll the PDP in those days, so definitely I was not poor. Be that as it may, I comprehend it is legislative issues. So it’s typical to be called names. Be that as it may, why in every one of these years, none of my adversaries has discovered any proof to arraign me?

The general population who fear me changing the present state of affairs they appreciate will dependably attempt to scare youngsters about me.

A few people trust youth strengthening is offering freebees to youngsters as opposed to building a solid economy. They are incorrect. They need to give presents so they can control youngsters. In any case, to what extent would we be able to proceed with like that? Our nation is obtaining to pay compensations, yet we are as yet clutching obsolete models to make sure we can control youngsters for races.

The achievement of youthful Nigerian business visionaries in IT and innovation, retail, music, and expressions demonstrates that given the possibility, they can run anything. My activity is to be an extension, which bolsters our youngsters accomplish these beliefs. I will never say no one but I can do this. I can’t do it a