Davido unfollows Chioma, everyone else on Instagram – ‘Alleged Breakup’
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Well known exciting artist, Davido on Wednesday caused dramatization via web-based networking media after he unfollowed his fiancee, Chioma Rowland and everybody on Instagram.

The dad of three who used to follow around 5,000 individuals on Instagram now follows nobody.

The artist’s activity has mixed responses via web-based networking media from Nigerians particularly when there are gossipy tidbits that his relationship with Chioma appears to have slammed.

This improvement is coming after reports rose via web-based networking media that Davido and Chioma separated because of residential maltreatment, including that the artist likewise continued a leg injury in an ongoing conflict between the two sweethearts.

In any case, Chioma, yesterday took to her Instagram page exposing the report.

She unveiled that David has never in all his years made the slightest effort against her.

Neither the artist nor his group individuals have expressed the motivation behind why he unfollowed everybody and this has kept on mixing responses from Nigerians who guess that there is inconvenience in Davido’s camp.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter;

@Donstalo “Can someone please check on Davido. From a concerned fan.”

@Peejaybabay “Chioma was the target, he did not want it so obvious so he unfollowed everyone.”

@Caustictobs “Wonder why you all are bothered about Davido unfollowing everyone. Come on man will do anything to make his new album sell.”

@Aurexconsults “Davido is starting to show signs of depression. They should better check on him before he slips fully in.”

@OseaHumen_ “Davido unfollowing everyone on Instagram? Mehn, I really hope he’s okay.”

@Real_Theopaid “Oga there’s nothing like difficult times, you people should stop saying rubbish all because somebody decides to unfollow everyone, the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram. Davido is doing well, he’s just taking a break to work on his album, simple as that.”

@DanielAgandim “Seems Davido is depressed or something really tough is bothering him, or he probably just needs that mental space, the toxicity on social media is enough reason to be depressed.”

@Doyinsoextra “As of this morning, Davido was following five people. Now he is not following anybody. I just hope everything is ok.”