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Davido Reveals He Wants One Of His Fans To Name His Forthcoming Sophomore Album

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Davido has uncovered he is exonerating himself from any forces to have the option to name his prospective sophomore collection and that he needs an enthusiast of his to be the one to give a name to the exceptionally foreseen collection.

The genius vocalist who has been putting such a great amount of work since the beginning of the year to make a magnum opus of a collection took to his Twitter page just minutes prior to make the declaration.

He additionally uncovered that the collection is totally done as he has only 3 melodies left to record.

In his words, he said; “Give me a name for my collection… 3 melodies left to record!! I need a fan to name my collection.”

This move by the whiz has additionally raised the expectation level of holding up music fans and they can not hold back to encounter seemingly the most looked for after collection in 2019.