COVID-19: Nigerian govt issues strong warning to church leaders
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The government has again raised the alert over rebelliousness to wellbeing measures against coronavirus.

Supervisor Mustapha, Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, communicated worry at an instructions on Thursday in Abuja.

He said PTF found that resistance had been to a great extent energized by doubt and obliviousness about the infection.

Mustapha noticed that trashing had additionally affected on the eagerness of individuals to come out to look for help and recount to their accounts.

“The nature of this pandemic demands that we must detect and treat in order to address it. COVID-19 is not a condition to be ashamed of as it has no respect for status, nationality, race, creed, tribe among others”, he said.

The SGF expressed that each individual contaminated must be blessed to receive forestall spread and avoidable fatalities.

He included that the PTF had developed network commitment and hazard correspondence in the period of national reaction.

Mustapha said PTF had been imparting to Nigerians, the threats of lack of concern and rebelliousness with COVID-19 measures.

He reminded that presently, “there is no known vaccine for the virus and that all over the world, non-pharmaceutical measures still remained the most effective”.

“Avoiding being infected remains the best choice for everyone,” Mustapha stressed.