Two notorious bandits, 15 others killed in Zamfara ||
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There has been a contention over who executed five bandits in Janbako people group of Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara State as both the security organizations and the banned “Yansakai” bunch have been asserting credit over the slaughtering.

Our journalist reports that the Zamfara State Police Command had asserted the accomplishment through a press articulation marked and made accessible to newsmen in Gusau by the police representative in the state, SP Mohammed Shehu.

In any case, in a quick response, the individuals from the disbanded Yansakai bunch said the security usable possibly showed up there when the crooks had gotten done with their terrible exercises in the Janbako people group.

As indicated by one individual from the disbanded Yansakai gathering, Mallan Ibrahim Janbako, the gathering faced the outfitted outlaws and drew in them on activity fire for fire, where they slaughtered the five bandits.

“The Yansakai group members took it upon themselves to engage the bandits when they noticed that the sporadic shooting was too much and no security operative to quell the tension ” he added.

Janbako clarified that the escaping scoundrels disappeared with the dormant assortments of the crooks who were killed by the Yansakai individuals.

He noticed that the townspeople were advised to control their graveyard, saying that it has become more clear that the scoundrels consistently work where there are many individuals.

Janbako said the overall population should dismiss the case of the security organizations in the state, depicting them as innocuous bulldogs that can bark yet can not nibble.

He said security offices went to the scene when the outlaws had done what they had as a main priority, saying that the security organizations were there just to guarantee that the scoundrels didn’t return back to the local area for additional dastard activity.