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On air identity, Freeze has said Christians need to grasp separate in specific circumstances and he proceeded to clarify.

As indicated by the pioneer of the Free Nation, separate isn’t the finish of a period, rather, it’s the finish of a mistake.

He further prompted his supporters to be very watchful while picking an accomplice, so as not to wind up in a period of mistake.

Daddy Freeze composed on Instagram:

We as Christians need to embrace divorce in situations where it becomes inevitable. Although our teachers taught us otherwise, it is now clear that those teachers are untaught when it comes to the true meaning of Christianity, teaching traditions of men instead.

A person in an abusive marriage would have a higher tendency to yield to the temptation to cheat or sin.

Christ clearly said that if your Good eye or strong hand should make you sin, remove it, let alone your already bad marriage.

Christ said that adultery is the only reason why divorce can be permitted. Lets remember that our Lord and savior also said that looking lustfully at a woman is already adultery. (Matthew 5:28)

Christ said friendship with the world is adultery. (James 4:4) Many ‘believers’ today are immersed in the adultery of mammon worship through the love of money, the things of this world and by raising altars of dollars and Naira to demonic entities, in twisted christian worship, so if your spouse leads you into this sin or practices this sinful prosperity seeking faith, it’s in my opinion grounds for a divorce.

The Apostles also confirmed this; saying that if a non believing spouse wants to leave, let them go, further stating that a christian is not bound to such a person. 90% of Nigerian ‘christians’ are NOT believers of the true faith, worshiping their pastors and GOs instead, many of whom have clearly departed from the path of light and are led by greed into the worship of money. If someone like that leaves, you are NOT bound to such a person any longer.