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Cardi B declined to perform at the Super Bowl as her method for appearing for Colin Kaepernick. Yet, a few people felt she didn’t do what’s needed.

Cardi included in an ongoing Pepsi business which was publicized at the Super Bowl and to a few people, this implies Cardi still profited by the NFL.

Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina imparted a photograph of herself to Colin Kaepernick and stated, “Today is Colin Kaepernick’s day.”

It was her method for remaining with her sister and with Colin yet a devotee revealed to her they were being scoundrels by professing to think about Colin, yet not going the whole distance to help him. The supporter said that by doing the Pepsi promotion, Cardi was at that point lining up with the NFL and profiting from them.

Furthermore, Hennessy applauded back at the adherent.

See her answer beneath.

Cardi B