SARS: CAN calls for probe of disbanded police formation
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The South East Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has approached the administration specialists to defend lives and property of the individuals in Kaduna State.

Religious administrator Goddy Okafor, the South East CAN Chairman, decided on Sunday in Aba while tending to columnists on the relentless bloodbath in Southern Kaduna.

Okafor said that inability to stop the killings in Kaduna was making fears in the psyches of the individuals about their wellbeing in their own nation.

He said: “The killings going on in Southern Kaduna are very disturbing.

“We are one people, and we believe we’re one nation, but for these persistent killings going on in Southern Kaduna to keep occurring without drastic measures to stop it is very disturbing.

“These people that are being killed in Kaduna are Nigerians.

“Governments and security agencies owe it as a duty to protect them.

“The protection of lives and property is the responsibility of the government.

“Every time there are killings, some bandits are blamed.

“So, we keep asking, these bandits are they really human beings or spirits?”

Okafor also stressed that the development, if not halted, would endanger Nigeria’s healthcare system.

“If we lose all our good hands when we are sick, who will take care of us?

“Government should listen to the NMA and keep the best doctors we have with us here,” the Bishop said.