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Cameroonian gospel vocalist Vumomsé breaks into the Nigerian music scene with new thanksgiving single titled ‘If No Be God’ on his birthday. Vumomse Recall that the Solid Rock amusement’s Vumomsé isn’t another name in the Cameroonian music industry, as he has discharged noteworthy singles like, ‘Satan Dey Feel My Bad’, ‘Move It’, ‘Man Made God’ and worked together with a-rundown artists in his nation of origin. The new single, ‘If No Be God’ is a follow up to ‘Man Made God’ that was discharged as of late. ‘Man Made God’, as per the talented artist lectures immovable and remaining focused on the God of divine beings and never love anyother god aside the Highest. “Whatever is valid, whatever is honorable, whatever is correct, whatever is unadulterated, whatever is beautiful, whatever is admirable– on the off chance that anything is astounding or praiseworthy– consider such things. Along these lines, keep on working out your salvation with dread and trembling, never love ‘Man Made God’,” Vumomsé talks about the much-praised tune. Vumomsé restores all the radiance to God who kept him to see one more day, praising his birthday healthy, riches and gifts. “I have experienced more promising times, yet I have likewise observed more terrible. I don’t have all that I need however I do have all I require. I woke up with a great deal of inquiries, questions, agonies and throbs however in any event I woke up,” he says. Including further, Vumomsé compliantly stated, “My life may not be immaculate, but rather I am so honored unfathomable, not on account of I successfully merit it or on the grounds that I accomplished something great, however essentially in light of the fact that God is so great. Each time I see another breaking of the day I simply need to state thank you in light of the fact that “IF NO BE GOD” I won’t be alive.” Vumomsé on his birthday, reminds his fans there are many motivations to express gratitude toward God, paying little mind to any sort of circumstance they are in. The melody bundled by numerous honor winning Pardon C’s record name, TCO music was delivered by B.O. Kid, while the video was coordinated by MT Muna.