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The Minister of State for Environment, Sharon Ikeazor has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari named her as priest because of diligent work.

Ikeazor, who was the quick past Executive Secretary of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate, PTAD, said Buhari named her exclusively based on her work at PTAD.

Talking at a gathering sorted out in her respect in Abuja, Ikeazor expressed that the President never made a decision about her by her clan or religion before delegating her however based on diligent work.

The previous PTAD supervisor guaranteed that she would keep on battling for retired people in the nation.

As per Ikeazor: “On the off chance that one retired person whine to me, I will blow the caution and we need to keep doing that work.

“To the retired people, let me state that you currently have a voice at the Federal Executive Council. I might be at the Ministry of Environment. Be that as it may, Pension issues, regardless of whether Military of Civil, I am still madam benefits.

“My dad instructed us to detest foul play and battle against social treachery. Non installment of annuity after a man or lady has worked quite a long while is grave social foul play.

“I am happy that under President Muhammadu Buhari, we have been to address that. We have assembled a solid establishment in PTAD. It isn’t about a resilient man or lady, however a solid establishment.

“I continue saying that the Nigeria of our fantasy is conceivable and we can accomplish it. How was I ready to accomplish mine? I joined legislative issues. Governmental issues is life and life is legislative issues. I left the graduate school in 1985 and pursued my dad’s strides. I didn’t get much fulfillment from law and I got into venture the executives, counseling.

“The Sosoliso air crash was the defining moment in my life. 60 kids passed on in a plane accident and you reveal to me its a demonstration of God? It was anything but a demonstration of God however unadulterated carelessness by the individuals who worked the airplane and the air terminal offices. We dissented and there was no move made. No pastor surrendered and nothing occurred.

“We the ladies made up of Catholic Women Organization and Muslim Women were dissenting day by day and nothing occurred. It was then I concluded that I required a stage where my voice will be heard and I can have the effect and that stage was legislative issues.

“Which was the most not too bad ideological group that I could join and keep up my respectability? It was the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) under President Buhari. Everyone thought I was insane however I was there for a reason. Buhari was battling social unfairness and I was battling social foul play.

“I can remain here you before today and state that President Buhari never made a decision about me by my clan or my religion. He just made a decision about me by the command he gave me. I am happy that I had the option to convey on the order he gave me and I want to convey on the following one.”