Buhari commiserates with South East muslims over death of UNN Chief Imam
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President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday emphasized his dedication towards the battle against debasement, saying “in the event that we don’t kill defilement, debasement will kill Nigeria.”

Buhari made the comment amid the swearing in of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, Board individuals at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The President expressed that “unbridled debasement” has delivered significant harm on Nigeria’s advancement goals.

He additionally pronounced that his organization was resolved to guarantee that each office of government represent open income produced or exhausted.

As per Buhari: “Let me praise you, Mr. Director and Members of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission Board for being discovered qualified to serve our nation on this essential task. Your arrangement is a call to benefit in a vital segment and fragment basic in our administration’s motivation.

“The present event is the continuation of this present Administration’s battle against debasement. It is a cardinal program in the three point plan that I guaranteed to seek after and will keep on pursueing as I look for the command of Nigerians for a second term.

“The battle against defilement is vital in our national improvement. This is the reason I have frequently said – on the off chance that we don’t slaughter debasement, defilement will murder Nigeria.

“We are for the most part observers to the harm that unbridled debasement has caused on our improvement desires. Aside from purposeful and wanton plundering of our national riches and basic patrimony, defilement has disintegrated our qualities and moral establishment as a country.

“Debasement has contrarily influenced our political, financial and public activity. Those restricted to our battle against debasement chide us for our center, assurance and determination. They imagine that they don’t comprehend what debasement is. In any case, Nigerians realize what debasement is. Customary individuals recognize what debasement is and they bolster our exertion and assurance to battle it.

“The maltreatment of open office for private gain speaks to defilement in its most exceedingly awful shape. The circumvention of open approaches and procedures for upper hand and benefit is another type of debasement.

“The maltreatment of open office for individual advantage regardless of whether no gift happens is likewise debasement. The preoccupation of State income or miss-use of planned finances falls into a similar class.

“I am especially enchanted that the ICPC law under which you will work is sufficiently strong to help government to purify the general population area of defilement in administration conveyance, open acquirement, preoccupation of open income, conscious abuse of open assets, etc.

“As I have noted as of late, regardless of our enemy of debasement drive, a few organizations of government still occupy or decline to completely represent income produced. As opposed to obey established arrangements and surviving standards and controls, such organizations proceed as though nothing has changed.

“We are resolved to guarantee that each office of government represent open income produced or used. I am anticipating ICPC’s help both for requirement of against debasement laws and accommodation of strategy measures and mandates to forestall income spillage and preoccupation.

“In such manner, I encourage you to work together with other government offices, for example, the Office of the Auditor-General of the Federation towards alleviating incorrectly doing out in the open use. Moreover, I anticipate accepting enemy of defilement proposals connected to e-Government benchmarks and standards.

“As the well-known axiom goes – “Counteractive action is superior to fix”. Your statutory order perceives this guideline. In this way, I urge you to concoct solid preventive strategy measures and procedures for government’s underwriting to take us to the NEXT LEVEL in the battle against debasement. I am mindful that the ICPC laws engages you to make proposition to help government in this battle.

“Pretty much a month prior, I opened your Corruption Risk Assessment preparing for hostile to defilement offices in Africa. That activity, in help of my job as the AU hostile to defilement champion is welcome, and I Iook forward to seeing ICPC separate itself as a main foundation in Africa in building ability to direct and actualize debasement chance evaluations.

“Be that as it may, philanthropy must start at home. Subsequently, your abilities and mastery must be shown in distinguishing MDAs exceptionally inclined to debasement and what must be improved administration.

“I am additionally mindful that you have set up Anti-Corruption Transparency Unit in Ministries, Departments and Agencies. This is a vital advance towards defilement counteractive action and guaranteeing full consistence with government’s enemy of debasement measures and our laws.

“I urge you to make compelling utilization of our ACTU in MDAs by getting reports straightforwardly from such Units and taking authorization measures to help government understand its goals of a cleaner open administration.

“By and by, I praise you on your arrangement. My make plans to battle defilement stays unshaken. I guarantee you of my full help in the battle against defilement in Nigeria.”