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A gathering of maturing Nigerian football players have been stranded in Russia since touching base on a visa-waiver framework for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a Russian abolitionist servitude NGO has said.

Russian police have said that an expected 5,500 outsiders who made a trip to Russia sans visa for the football competition have stayed in the nation since an exceptional visa waiver program terminated on Dec. 31, 2018.

The Nigerian Embassy in Moscow assessed last July that 200 Nigerian nationals were holding on to be repatriated in the wake of succumbing to a trick in which their arrival tickets were dropped.

In excess of 10 Nigerian nationals are stranded in the southern Russian city of Sochi in the wake of succumbing to a trick, the abolitionist bondage NGO Alternativa said on Monday.

As per the NGO, the Nigerians had been guaranteed an agreement with a nearby footballing club by a man who had presented himself as a specialist.

The man vanished in the wake of accepting a commission of $500 from every one of the players, abandoning them stranded in southern Russia.

“Their destiny stays vague. In the event that they attempt to record an announcement with the police, they will promptly be kept for damaging migration laws,” Alternativa composed on its Facebook page.

“At that point what’s in store for them is a court hearing, a fine, an extraordinary detainment focus and expelling,” it said.

Alternativa said that Nigeria’s office in Russia had “tuned in to their intrigue however wouldn’t help.”

“Without their [the consulate’s] intercession and sponsorship, I’m apprehensive there will no opposite final product than expelling,” Yulia Siluyanova, a senior Alternativa staff part, revealed to The Moscow Times.

A portion of the men are being housed and encouraged by thoughtful local people, the NGO said.

Alternativa is a Moscow-based volunteer association established in 2011 that helps casualties of sexual and financial servitude.