Hushpuppi’s release from US prison causes controversy
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The rundown of Hushpuppi’s wrongdoing is developing as the FBI uncovered that it was the fraudster and his pack who were answerable for a £2m trick of Italian Serie A group Lazio.

Review that in 2018, Lazio allegedly fell for an email trick and paid €2 million of the last portion for protector Stefan de Vrij’s exchange from Dutch club Feyenoord to fraudsters.

Lazio got an email that gave off an impression of being from the Dutch heroes requesting the €2 million alongside ledger subtleties, and properly sent the cash.

Be that as it may, Feyenoord never got the money and guarantee to have no information on the email.

The scandalous trick has at last been explained after Hushpuppi and group were discovered answerable for redirecting the installment.

Brila FM sports radio who reported the news, wrote:

“The FBI has revealed that it was Ray hushpuppi and his gang who were responsible for the £2m scam perpetuated on SS Lazio in a payment intended for Feyenoord for Stephan de Vrij.

The infamous scam from 2018 has finally been resolved.”

See tweet below: