Lagos police takes step to curb police extortion and harassment
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Nigerian Police have kept Nastura Ashir Sharif, over the gigantic Katsina challenge President Muhammadu Buhari.

On Tuesday, Sharif, a pioneer of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), drove a quiet show in the State over crooks assaults and killings.

CNG, in an announcement on its Facebook page, said Sharif was captured and taken to Abuja after the fights.

It said the CNG Board of Trustees administrator “is at present being confined at the Nigeria Police Force HQ, Abuja. He is against the slaughtering of vulnerable residents by crooks”.

Sources state Sharif was taken from Katsina to Abuja by the State Commissioner of Police.

He said the Police boss told the youth leader “that the Inspector General wanted to see him in Abuja and they went together”.

“After reaching Abuja they detained him in their headquarters”, he revealed.

The protesters had told Buhari and Governor Bello Masari to resign.

One of those recalled how bandits ambushed his friend and wanted to rape the wife.

“Both of them resisted and were killed”, he decried.

Strikingly, Masari apologized for the killings, conceding that he has neglected to ensure the individuals.

Prior, the CNG, in a solid worded explanation bludgeoned the Buhari organization over its reaction to the alert on uncertainty raised by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

Reacting, the administration advised CNG to be “thank their stars” that Nigeria was in majority rule government.

The remark drew across the board judgment.