AU, Peace Corps demand end to insecurity, violence in Nigeria
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The African Union (AU) and the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) have approached governments, establishments and individuals of the African mainland to do everything humanly conceivable to bring to end issues of uncertainty and all types of savagery predominant in the landmass.

This, as indicated by the two organizations, is to quick track wanted fast advancement of Africa which can’t be accomplished amidst instability.

The AU, spoke to by Dr Tunji Asaolu, who drove a designation of the Africa Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) on a working visit to the Headquarters of PCN in Abuja, Thursday, completely expressed that advancement would keep on evading Nigeria and Africa if nothing was critically done to enthrone harmony and security.

The AU delegate spoke to African pioneers to start to set plan and approaches for the mainland’s merited turn of events and simultaneously set up apparatus that would make Africa quiet to draw in speculation.

As a major aspect of its command to activate and arrange common social orders and young people for constructive commitment, the association requested for critical activity to stop firearms viciousness, particularly in Nigeria, where the association said had prompted net underdevelopment coming about because of cultism, banditry, between shared conflicts, grabbing, militancy, revolts and all other cultural indecencies.

Asaolu emphatically approached governments at all levels in Nigeria to expand mindfulness for harmony building, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), security training, cleaning up of little and light weapons and decrease of cross outskirt violations and arms multiplication in light of a legitimate concern for the country.

He reported that the topic of the current year’s AU meeting is “Quieting the firearms; making helpful conditions for Africa’s turn of events and guaranteed that the association will band together with Peace Corps in the offer to assemble young people for constructive turn of events.

In an invite address, National Commandant of the PCN, Ambassador Dickson Akoh, expressed that the exponential development of the detestable firearm culture in Africa in the course of the most recent couple of decades, particularly among the adolescent, has prompted either the start or fuel of the considerable number of types of fierce changes that have unfavorably attacked the landmass; be they political, strict, socio-ethnic or financial.

He noted that the quest for development in Africa must be driven pari passu with the desire to put an end to all forms of violent conflicts, and ‘silencing the guns’, which according to him will be a huge step in that direction.

“However, in our bid to truly and permanently silent the guns in Africa, we must adequately address all the factors that predispose our people to the gun culture”, he noted

“In the first instance, the protracted period of military incursion into politics in the region, engendered what I call a militarized civilian populace. The highhandedness and brutality of the military personnel infused a culture of barbarism in the people.

“Also, gunrunning by greedy businesspersons; the proclivity of egocentric politicians to engage mercenaries, or arm their subjects and loyalists during electioneering campaigns and elections in order to crush their perceived political opponents.

” Also the activities of ethnic warlords and self-acclaimed freedom fighters, resulted in the massive proliferation of light weapons and ammunition across the continent. Political contests in Africa in recent years can be likened to theatres of war, where only the strong survives.

“Unfortunately, after the elections are won or lost and the politicians are done with the services of their hired gunmen, often youths, they jettison them.

“Armed with guns and hard drugs, these desperate youths vent their expostulations with these powerful politicians which they no longer have access to, by hurting anyone or anything that stands in their way.

“Africa is also plagued with pervasive social injustice, massive corruption and ostentatious living by the few privileged elites.

“All these factors inflame disillusionment, anger and frustration in the teeming masses, thereby fanning the embers of violence. Widespread poverty caused by corruption and bad governance, is itself, an extenuating factor to violence.

“The aforementioned factors, among others, must be urgently addressed, and the only way of achieving this is to embark on sustainable peace education, where our youths will gradually be educated to unlearn the deeply ingrained culture of violence; and in its place, learn the virtues of peaceful coexistence and the practices of the culture of nonviolence.

“We must equally appeal to our egocentric politicians and ethnic warlords to have a change of heart. Rather than equipping our teeming but unemployed youths with guns, they will do better in creating a peaceful society through massive job creation and genuine empowerment of the youths.

In a related development, the Peace Corps boss has pledged the commitment of his organization to partner any organization in curbing the rape menace in the society.

Akoh gave the assurance when Miss Idoma Ambassador, Queen Esther Ene Daniels visited the corps’ headquarters with her anti-rape campaign.