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Presidential applicant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has sentenced articulation credited to President Muhammadu Buhari that polling station snatchers will pay with their lives.

Atiku in an announcement on Monday by his media associate, Phrank Shaibu, said Buhari’s announcement was prompting to appointive viciousness and an offense.

Atiku included that the President’s announcement demonstrates that the “resigned general” is just appearing real nature and “complete” dismissal for the nation’s law.

The announcement read: “We were stunned to hear General Buhari live on national TV undermining to execute individuals for an offense where no such prohibition exists under law. The last time we looked capital punishment was not an assent of the 2010 decision air conditioning

“Indeed, undermining individuals with death with regards to a decision is prompting to constituent savagery, which is an offense under that demonstration.

“By and by General Buhari is appearing real nature and complete dismissal for our constitution and the laws of this nation. He is getting mistaken for when he was President under military principle.

“His fig leaf of being a ‘changed democrat’ has been overwhelmed by this most recent proclamation leaving his majority rule certifications as stripped as the day he was conceived

“I have dependably been a democrat and safeguard of our laws and constitution

“So instead of make up new punishments on the spot in a question and answer session, our arrangements to build up the EFC by utilizing the structure of the 2002 setting up demonstration of the EFCC have been all around inquired about so we can present this new element inside long periods of accepting office.

“In like manner, we don’t have confidence in the rule of review enactment so it will be enabled to examine and arraign discretionary negligence dependent on the 2010 Electoral Act. Any individual thinking about directing discretionary misbehavior, affecting brutality or the illicit capture of political rivals ought to be put on notice that my organization on entering office will apply the full power of the law on them.

“We don’t trust that one unlawful act merits another so a PDP government will dependably work inside the system of our lawful structures and laws.”