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A congregation specialist who was at the exceedingly swarmed tryout of the Big Brother Naija 2019 has turned into a slanting point online after she expressed in a meeting that she is certainly not a virgin thus she positively will do all if takes regardless of whether it’s dreadful, on the off chance that she gets into the Big Brother house.

The woman was asked about for what valid reason she is taking an interest in the BBNaija 2019 Audition and she said she surrendered all that she was doing, that she even abandoned her obligation as a Redeemed Church specialist for the tryout.

At that point the questioner inquired as to whether she doesn’t think BBNaija is corrupt the same number of think, particularly her churCH

She strikingly reacted NO!!!!! That she couldn’t care less. After all that she’s not a virgin so she can do whatever she loves at the BBNaija house.

This woman is very discovered that she is particularly eager to do anything just to get into the BBNaija house.