Akwa Ibom Senator – Why Nigeria desperately needs Igbo presidency
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A Senator speaking to Akwa Ibom Northwest, Chris Ekpenyong, has pushed for Igbo administration in 2023.

Ekpeyong said Igbo presidency would help extend national solidarity and give individuals of the Southeast a feeling of having a place in Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom Senator – Why Nigeria desperately needs Igbo presidency

Talking in Uyo, the state capital, Ekpenyong said all zones of the nation merit a chance to deliver Nigeria’s leader.

He said the Southeast ought to be permitted to deliver Nigeria’s leader like different locales of the nation.

According to Ekpenyong: “My prayer is that we should allow an Igbo man to become the next president of Nigeria.

“If the North and the South West have produced a president, why can’t the Southeast be allowed to become president of Nigeria?

“Igbo presidency is the path that will lead to deepening our national unity. It will assuage the feeling of disillusionment among the Igbo. It will also give them a sense of belonging. No section has the monopoly of capacity to lead Nigeria.”

Ekpenyong’s comment comes when the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai had said the South should create Nigeria’s next president.