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Agodi parks of Nigeria, in Oyo state, known in the past as ‘evil forest’ is now a paradise.

The garden, which is run by the Oyo State Government and serves as a tourist centre to both old and young, male and female and fun seekers alike, is a lovely park right at the centre of Ibadan city. The park, which spreads over 13 acres of land, is a good example of multiple land use for forestry, entertainment and recreation. Its nursery, arboretum, park and zoo blend into one another to make the garden unique

One remarkable aspect of the garden is the unique educational value of bringing various species of animals together as the garden presents a captivating site for seeing rare species to tourists.

The Agodi Gardens, according to the governor, is an important component of the leisure triangle of Oyo State which is located around Premier Hotel axis. He also revealed that the rejuvenation project was undertaken in partnership with a South African firm (AM & SEA).