87-year-old grandfather sells houses he gave his children after they refused to attend his wedding
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A 87-year-old granddad has started shock via web-based networking media after he auctions off houses and packages of land which he had at first given to his kids.

Simon Kamakia from Arusha, Tanzania, said he took the ungainly choice after his own kids neglected to go to his wedding.

As per reports, the new 40-year-old spouse constrained the elderly person to sell all his property and houses.

“They did not come to the wedding, therefore, embarrassing me. I did not like it to see there was no one close to me in church,” said Simon.

He further noticed that he sold all the land where his youngsters and family members lived since they didn’t bolster his choice to remarry.

The kids, in any case, said they didn’t have the vitality to go to the wedding around then as they were all the while grieving their mom.

Simon at that point pledged to sell everything that has a place with him and leave for good.

He is affirmed to have assumed control over the investment properties that he had recently given to his youngsters. He moved the onus of caring for the houses to a child he apparently sired outside wedlock.