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Michael Abikoye, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, has depicted the extradition of Nigerians by the Ghana Immigration Service as an “inappropriate demonstration”.

He expressed this at a gathering with the Comptroller-General of the GIS, Kwame Takyi, in Ghana, as indicated by NAN.

The Nigerian represetative said the extradition could strain the caring relationship the two nations share.

It was uncovered by the High Commissioner that somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2019, 723 Nigerians have been sent back to Nigeria based on supposed cybercrime and prostitution.

Abikoye said in January, 81 Nigerians were returned home for supposed cybercrime and illicit remain, while 115 were expelled on the claim of outstay and prostitution.

He stated: “In spite of the fact that the GIS had connected prostitution and cybercrime as a portion of the purposes behind the extradition, it is ill-advised to oust Nigerians for supposed illicit remain in Ghana.

“There are a few Ghanaians living in Nigeria and the Nigeria Immigration Service has never extradited any of them on the grounds of illicit remain, due to the charitableness between our nations.”

Abikoye cautioned that any abuse of Nigerians won’t go on without serious consequences by the Nigerian government.

The diplomat gave the CG a duplicate of the mission’s record which demonstrates the expulsion of Nigerians from January 2018 till date.

In his comments, Takyi said GIS had no real option except to act in light of the conduct of a few Nigerians in Ghana.

Takyi asserted that “a few Nigerians had moved toward becoming laws in themselves; they square major Ghanaian roads where they drink, battle and wound each other.”

“This uncontrollable conduct which repudiates the neighborhood laws in Ghana has prompted orders from higher specialists for the captures and possible expulsion of the individuals who don’t have the imperative migration papers,” he included.