COVID-19: Another lockdown looms as Nigeria records over 100,000 cases
Corona virus. Virus cells or bacteria molecule. Flu, view of a virus under a microscope, infectious disease. Germs, bacteria, cell infected organism. Virus H1N1, Swine Flu. 3d Rendering.
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56 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Nigeria on Monday November 23, as confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

A breakdown of the new cases is as follows; Kaduna-18, FCT-17, Lagos-6, Plateau-5, Kano-3, Kwara-2, Yobe-2, Ekiti-1, Niger-1, Rivers-1. 

56 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in Nigeria

There are now 66,439 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country and 1,168 deaths have been recorded.  62,241 patients who recovered from the disease have been discharged. 

56 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in Nigeria