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Following a tip from Christie’s sale house, London-based Nigerian man who British specialists portrayed as a “go-to tax criminal for fraudsters all around the globe” has been indicted.

Kazeem Akinwale otherwise known as Ola Gapiano, was discovered blameworthy of extortion and having criminal property after he attempted to trick a customer of the bartering house, the U.K’s. National Crime Agency said.

The 43-year-old controlled ledgers that prepared more than £6 million pounds and took commissions of about £73,000, the office said.

In March 2016, experts got a tip from Christie’s that programmers had endeavored to mimic a worker’s email address to occupy a client’s installment. The record was followed to Akinwale east London home a month later, where he was captured.

“Akinwale was a key player for sorted out hoodlums the world over,” Jamie Horncastle, a NCA officer, said in a public statement. “Each genuine and sorted out wrongdoing bunch depends on income, so making Akinwale out of move will disturb a lot of criminal systems.”

A workstation and two cellphones containing references to the washing of false money were seized from his home.