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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tell Siri “108”

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Most iPhone users can carry out simple tasks by just asking Siri a few simple requests. Apple has made it even easier for users to contact emergency services- all they have to do is say “Hey Siri” followed by the emergency number such as “9-1-1”. This applies to emergency numbers anywhere in the world. While this may seem super convenient for people who need help, many jokesters on the internet are abusing this service, enraging law enforcement officials everywhere.

Many users on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are encouraging people to say the numbers “1-0-8” as a trick and this has gone viral very quickly. After saying the number, Siri will begin a five-second countdown before issuing a call. In fact, a sheriff’s office Texas has recently pleaded social media users to just stop asking Siri about the number ‘108’. This is because this trick isn’t funny at all and is actually quite mean-spirited. Here are 3 reasons why should stop telling Siri the numbers “1-0-8”.

1. It is an emergency service number in India

The number “108” is basically India’s equivalent to 911 and will contact the emergency services in the country. One doesn’t even have to live in India to trigger Siri’s emergency response as Siri will recognize it as a call for help and will call whichever emergency service that belongs to the country. Even if you don’t live in India, Siri will put you through to your country’s emergency services.

2. This can have serious consequences

Although this seems like a harmless prank, it can have dire consequences. Prank calls to emergency services can cause serious problems for call centres who deal with emergency calls. This can lead to instances of confusion among the dispatchers who will receive your call. Even worse, it can prevent help from reaching people who actually need help in the event of an accident, fire or any other kind of emergency. A simple ‘prank’ can lead to the loss of life in reality. This is the reason why authorities everywhere are warning people against asking Siri about “108”. This so-called ‘trick’ is quite thoughtless and can have fatal consequences for many people.

3. Prank calls to emergency services can be considered a crime

While many people may think this is an amusing joke, this kind of a prank call is considered a crime in many states. Millions of calls are made to emergency services every day and prank calls are a waste of time and resources for the authorities. Also, this can prevent vital resources from reaching someone who genuinely has an emergency. As a result, many places treat this kind of prank as a serious crime. If identified as a prank caller, you can be arrested and charged for this crime. If you do inadvertently contact emergency services, don’t hang up on them. Instead, speak to the dispatcher and let them know it was a mistake. This will save the dispatcher a lot of time and confusion and your actions will be appreciated.